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Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, California:

“.. Chaudhuri’s supple fingers, obedient to his remarkable musical imagination produced fascinating linear cobwebs. .. he makes it obvious that he wants no springboards to mass listenership.”

London Times, London :

“.. The Alap… was made of plangent major ninths and heavy-laden slow appoggiaturas, was for me the gem of the recital, rich in sensuous atmosphere, infinitely spacious in its unfolding of the scale’s expressive meaning, a moving example of the Senia style which Mr. Chaudhuri professes… Chaudhuri elaborated his inventions with charm and ease although the structures remained classically defined, a noteworthy feat this for the exercise control does not come easily to musicians endowed with the kind of imaginative talent that he undoubtedly has.

Mauritius Times :

The exquisite purity of style in his renderings of ragas `Yaman’ and light classical melodies, keeping an attentive audience spell bound, reveals his music as a live cut above class piece which unfortunately comes to our hear but very rarely.

The Daily Telegraph

London and Manchester: “ … Chaudhuri’s command of large scale thought and his decorative virtuosity were of the highest order.”

Kayhan International, Tehran:

A master of the Sitar.. Wildly cheered Chaudhuri and Fayyaz Khan treated the audience to an encore despite the fact that it was well after 2 a.m…. It was full of rhythm and almost melodic as polyphonic music is. The gaiety and the lightheartedness of this excellent little piece.. made us feel rewarded for having stayed awake till that late and gave us enough enthusiasm to sit and listen to Chaudhuri

Time Magazine, New York :

Montreaux-Vevey Festival (August 29-Oct 5) offers a varied but traditional program, including Mozart by Yehudi Menuhin’s Festival Orchestra, Bach played on the organ by Munich’s Musici de Roma and even a night of Indian music with Sitarist Debabrata Chaudhuri and Tabla virtuoso, Sitaram.

The Statesman, New Delhi

“… The Alap and the slow gat that followed gave unimpeachable evidence of the player’s wealth of musical ideas and appropriate instrumental vocabulary.”

The Times of India, New Delhi and Bombay:

“ … Chaudhuri’s entire playing was beautiful indeed, replete as it was with sustained and pervasive melody, lovely and langorous glides. The tone, free and unhampered was charming.”

The Indian Express., New Delhi

“ … He has a good swinging sway and renders the notes with ease in ascending as well as descending order. This is a rare quality..”

The Patriot, New Delhi

“………. It was a pleasure to listen to Debabrata Chaudhuri on the sitar. Such a clean, pure and finished performance is seldom heard these days from far better known `Stars’.”

Hindustan Standard, Calcutta

“ … Prof Debu Chaudhuri with his constant emphasis on Dhaivat and Komal Rekhab expressed its true mood. The performance was marked by his accuracy and clarity.”

Mr Charles Champlin Entertainment Editor, Los Angeles Times, on KCET, Hollywood: “ .. a master and charming musician. His senia style of performance is noted for its depth and its creativity.”

Le Mauricien…

Un titillement des sens … Debu Chaudhuri a joue les premieres notes dien Raga yaman, nous avous ecoute avec attention, et laisse prendre all jeu, Et a quel jeu!

COE College Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“… Debu Chaudhuri and Sitaram were the most successful recital this institution has had on a Fine Art Festival Program for several years. In fact, they brought a standing ovation from the students, which hasn’t happened in a decade for music.”

Society for Asian Music New York City

“Quality of performance was excellent”

University of Missouri Columbia, Mo

Chaudhuri’s musicianship is of a high quality and his ability to explain his music were lucid and appreciated. He established an immediate rapport with his audience which responded enthusiastically throughout his performance. Several times his playing was interrupted by applause and several dozen members of his audience detained him nearly an hour following his performance seeking information and asking questions.”

Oklahoma State University Stillwater, Oklahoma

Quality of performance was excellent. Tickets were sold out days before the concert. Audience reception was very warm. Getting to know Debu Chaudhuri was memorable and an educational experience.”

Memphis State University Memphis, Tenneessee

“Excellent performance. Audience reaction was good.”

City College of San Francisco San Fracisco, California

A superb concert. It was a full house. Would like to book again

Alain Danielou, Director, International Institute for Comparative Music Studies and Documentation, Berlin:

“Debu Chaudhuri is one of the most brilliant musicians of younger generation. His knowledge of classical Indian music is excellent and his technique masterly. He has had the courage and the wisdom not to go astray from the classical tradition to seek applause. This is why he is among the very few artists which our Institute is willing to sponsor and recommend. His success in Europe and I believe in the U.S. has shown that even a western public could appreciate the great classical tradition of India in its purest form when presented by an artist of Debu’s calibre. We are intending to release one of Debu’s recordings in the Unesco Anthology of the Orient and eventually another recording in one of the other Unesco Series.